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Bible Visuals is a not-for-profit ministry that exists to produce and provide visualized children’s curriculum to ministry partners worldwide for the purpose of
Helping Children See Jesus!

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission: To produce and provide visualized curriculum to ministry partners worldwide
Bible Visuals International exists to produce curriculum that is gospel-focused, scripturally sound and visually excellent and to provide it to our ministry partners worldwide in ways that are affordable, accessible and adaptable to their needs.

Our Vision: Helping Children See Jesus
Bible Visuals International envisions that all children would have the opportunity to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior and to experience God’s redemptive power in their lives.

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ExtraGive is coming up this month on November 22nd! This one day of giving is hosted by Lancaster Country where BVI is headquartered. Any gifts given to BVI that day through www.extragive.org will be stretched by a donation from the ExtraGive sponsors. How much BVI receives depends on how much is given by donors like you. Last year BVI received over $20,000 to help with operation expenses and projects. This year we’re targeting $25,000.

Mark your calendar, visit our profile page and help us in helping children see Jesus!

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