Our Mission & Vision

Mission: To produce and provide visualized curriculum to ministry partners worldwide
Bible Visuals International exists to produce curriculum that is gospel-focused, scripturally sound and visually excellent and to provide it to our ministry partners worldwide in ways that are affordable, accessible and adaptable to their needs.

Vision: Helping Children See Jesus
Bible Visuals International envisions that all children would have the opportunity to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior and to experience God’s redemptive power in their lives.


Core Values: We are . . .

Committed to Staying True to God’s Word
Bible Visuals International is deeply committed to staying true to God’s Word by carefully studying the scriptural doctrine of each lesson. Biblical purity is God’s command and is imperative to our purpose of pointing teachers and children to Christ.

Devoted to Teacher Partnership
Bible Visuals International recognizes the overwhelming importance of Christian teachers in the life of children. BVI’s primary focus is to provide these teachers with as many effective tools as possible to clearly present the gospel and promote Christian growth.

Dedicated to Global Missions
Bible Visuals International recognizes missions as extending worldwide to all ages. It is essential for BVI to constantly evaluate and implement ways to provide as many ministry partners as possible with affordable, accessible, and adaptable resources to reach each generation of children with the gospel.

Resolved to Faithful Stewardship
BVI is a faith supported mission that relies solely on God’s provision. Every good gift comes from above whether it is workers, facilities or finances. We will honor God through faithful stewardship; making wise and effective use of every resource for His glory.

Surrendered to Complete Dependence
Nothing of value can be directed, carried out, or achieved, apart from God’s blessing and action. Bible Visuals International recognizes the importance of maintaining an environment of complete dependence on God by encouraging personal prayer time, gathering regularly for corporate prayer and developing prayer partners at home and abroad.