Board Of Directors

Bruce O’neill Board Member

Joined the Board in 2020

Bruce is originally from Massachusetts but now lives in Lancaster county with his wife, Jenny, and their five children. He serves as the branch manager at a local bank and is passionate about making the name of Christ known around the world.

Dave Hanson Board President

Joined the Board in 2013

Dave Hanson joined the Board in 2013 and serves as Board President. He is the CEO of Fulton Financial Advisors. He enjoys serving at Harvest Bible Church (Lancaster), traveling with his family and playing an occasional (or not) round of golf.

Mike Battaglia Board Vice President

Joined the Board in 2006

Mike Battaglia began serving on the Board in 2006 and serves as Board Vice President. He likes fishing, and service projects that help others who can’t do it themselves.

Bill Neumann Board Treasurer

Joined the Board in 2008

William Neumann, Sr was added to the Board in 2008 and currently serves as Board Treasurer. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his grandchildren.

Jean Keiser Board Member

Joined the Board in 2000

Jean Keiser joined the Board in 2000 and serves on the Missions Committee. She likes traveling, reading, and outdoor activities.

Bruce Martin Board Member

Joined the Board in 2008

Bruce Martin began serving on the Board in 2008. He enjoys spending time with his wife, his three grandsons along with reading and the outdoors.

Don Toland Board Member

Joined the Board in 2011

Don Toland, a former Wycliffe Bible Translator missionary, joined the Board in 2011.

Matthew Black Board Member

Joined the Board in 2013

Matthew Black, a Chicago pastor and former missionary to Spain, joined the board in 2013. He enjoys fishing and camping with his family, playing the bagpipes, and reading Christian biographies.

Gordon Denlinger Board Member

Joined the Board in 2015

Gordon is a 1985 graduate from Bob Jones University and is a CPA. He served as state representative for eastern Lancaster County for nearly 12 years. Gordon’s father, Harold, helped to start Bible Visuals International back in 1959. Gordon and his wife, Carolyn, are very active in their home church. They reside in Narvon, PA and are the parents of four children.

Dr. Christine Beiler Board Member

Joined the Board in 2016

Christine Beiler lives in Lancaster County with her husband and 2 young children.  She moved to the area from Illinois when she accepted a position as a pediatrician in 2002. Her love for children and gospel outreach is what drew her to serve with BVI.  Her other hobbies are gardening,  baking and playing tennis and violin.

Bible Visuals International Staff

Jeff Kilcup Assistant Director

Serving Since 2019

Jeff Kilcup joined BVI full time in September 2019. He and his wife, Tracy, met at Maranatha Baptist University and received degrees in Business Administration and Piano Pedagogy, respectively. Jeff is a native to the Baltimore area and Tracy to the Detroit, MI area. After college they served in a New Jersey church while Jeff supported their growing family in the commercial banking field. From 2013 to the present, Jeff served in pastoral roles in Pennsylvania and Maryland. He brings experience in banking, ministry, and the arts. Jeff holds a masters degree in biblical counseling that informs much of his church ministry perspective. The Kilcups are eager to labor with BVI in the effort to “help children see Jesus!” Please pray for Jeff, Tracy, and their four homeschooled children as they transition into life in the Lancaster area.

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Newsletter Staff Support
Tom Luttmann Executive Director

Serving Since 2010

Tom Luttmann has served as BVI’s Executive Director since 2010. He served previously as a textbook author for Bob Jones University Press and as a summer missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship of Eastern Pennsylvania. Besides directing the ministry, Tom helps oversee BVI’s production projects and often represents the ministry. His wife, Betsy, also helps to provide the video editing needs of BVI. The Luttmanns have five children, also known as mission field #1.


Newsletter Staff Support
Patti Pope Office Manager

Serving Since 1998

Patti Pope joined the staff in 1998 and currently serves as Office Manager. She works with our volunteers, coordinates the layout and printing of our materials and oversees the Bookkeeping Department. Patti also oversees the numerous translations projects related to BVI materials.

Staff Support
Melody Mayer Web Store Coordinator

Serving Since 2004

Melody Mayer joined the staff in 2004. She serves as BVI’s web store coordinator which involves processing orders and maintaining the web store. She is also involved in several aspects of bookkeeping and general operations.

Newsletter Staff Support