Donation Projects

William Tyndale—The Ploughboy’s Friend


Total Projected Cost: $22,000
Give to this Project Received:$500

500 years ago in 1524 William Tyndale sailed away from England. He would never again see his native land, but his voluntary exile would allow him to pursue the great task for which he would give his life—an English Bible. Tyndale knew the importance of God’s Word and access to it, not simply for the elite and the academic, but all—rich and poor, young and old, prince and ploughboy. BVI’s new story, The Ploughboy’s Friend, will share Tyndale’s story with children. Through it, they will see how God’s Word continues to advance among people of every tribe and tongue.

FWS follow ups


Total Projected Cost: $18,000
Give to this Project Received:$12,000

BVI works with a variety of outreach ministries like Child Evangelism Fellowship and Bible2School. These partners are doing good work reaching children with the Gospel through Bible clubs, Release Time Bible electives, etc. However, there is a mutual desire to reach into the homes of these children and encourage families through follow-up tools like the BVI Family Worship Series. Your gifts will help to supply free copies of the FWS books to outreach partners who can, in turn, gift them to families at Christmas time or end-of-year programs. What kind of impact can these resources have? Watch the brief video above.

Building Renovation Project


Total Projected Cost: $119,000
Give to this Project Received:$89,000

BVI is headquartered at 650 Main Street in Akron, Pennsylvania. The building was constructed in 1935 as part of the town’s historic shoemaking industry. Its original masonry was in great need of repointing and this work took place in 2023! However, this has also proved a convenient time to update the building’s entrances, exterior lighting and signage.

Update: 10-25-23 New signage and lighting has been added to the building. The north entrance has also been repainted and updated. Paving around the south entrance is taking place so that the entrance and new emergency stairs work can be completed.

No Turning Back


Total Projected Cost: $14,202
Give to this Project Received:$14,202

Venkanna & Pochamma Gunti were among the Dalit or “untouchables” caste living in Hyderabad, India in the early 1900s. Though ignored by most, they learned of God’s love and kindness through a young missionary who was willing to live among them. After the Guntis became Christians, they faced persecution in many forms, yet they followed Jesus and saw His faithfulness again and again.

This is the true story of Sam Gunti’s grandparents. Sam is a BVI partner whose ministry in India continues to proclaim the Gospel to thousands of children. Your gifts will help us produce this 5 chapter story and distribute it starting first in India!

UPDATE: 10-25-23 Chapter 3 illustrations are in production and initial concept work is in progress for Chapter 4!



Total Projected Cost: $26,400
Give to this Project Received:$17,000

In 2022 BVI and our partners, the Cofers,  completed a major project to translate and print BVI’s entire Visualized Bible curriculum in the Mongolian language. These 312 lesson sets are now being distributed to churches throughout the country! Alongside this provision for the church is this new project to supply Mongolian homes with resources for family worship. Two of our Family Worship Books will be translated and printed in 2024 and distributed at the same time as a Family Conference at the Cofer’s ministry center in Khatgal.

True Colors


Total Projected Cost:

The True Colors Project was initiated in 2003, with the goal to enhance the effectiveness of BVI’s publications through adding full color and improved teaching resources. Many of our publications have gone through this process and in the spring of 2022 the colorization of the Visualized Bible Series was completed! You can still contribute towards the reprinting costs for these updated publications.