Translation Projects

Translation Projects

Since the founding of Bible Visuals International in 1959, it has been our purpose to provide True-to-the-Word publications understandable in any culture through various translation projects. We have partnered with over 70 mission agencies to help missionaries and national believers convey to people around the world “in his own language . . . the wonderful words of God” (Acts 2:6, 11). Many BVI publications (both stories and Visualized Bible volumes) have been translated into over 80 languages. Translations are ongoing in additional languages. Click here to see a current list of translated titles.

Modern technology has provided us with a greater opportunity than ever to create and provide translated materials to our ministry partners worldwide. Through the Internet, we can collaborate with missionaries and nationals who have a vested interest in translating these materials. Visuals and texts are now available for direct download from our website. If you are interested in helping us to translate BVI materials, please see the steps below to find out more about joining our translation projects.

Steps for Starting a New Translation Project

Step 1

  • Contact Bible Visuals International
  • This is important! It may be that BVI materials are already being translated into YOUR language.
  • To avoid needless duplication, please check with us first before beginning any translation.

Step 2

  • Provide the following information:
    • Your name, address, and that of your mission (if applicable)
    • The language in which you wish to translate
    • The title(s) you plan to translate
    • How you will use the material

Step 3

  • Sign the Doctrinal Statement here.
  • You are free to change idioms when translating. We do not expect a word-for-word translation. However, we DO insist that NONE of the doctrinal material be changed. That is why we require a signed Statement of Faith indicating this. You can find the Translation Agreement here.

Step 4

  • Upon completion of your translation, please provide BVI with a digital copy of the manuscript. Translated texts may be sent on a CD disk or via e-mail. Contact BVI for more detailed instructions.