Planting Seeds Family Conference

BVI’s Planting Seeds Family Conference is an occasion for your congregation to consider God’s design and purpose for the family and to see it applied in the context of family worship.

Our goal is to provide you with structure and content for a conference that can be hosted on a Saturday morning or expanded to a multi-day gathering. Take a look at an overview video and a sample schedule below.


Sample Schedule:

9:00 Intro, Worship

9:10-9:45 The “Why” of Family Worship (combined session)

Sample activity page for kids

9:45-10:00 Snack/coffee break

10:00-10:45 The “How” and “What” of Family Worship

10:00-10:45 Special kids sessions

10:45-10:55 Break/Kids return to parents

10:55-11:30 Panel Discussion

Sample activity page for kids

11:30-11:35 Break

11:35-12:00 Modeled Family Worship

12:00-1:00 Lunch & Dismissal


-BVI provides you with outlines and materials for all the main sessions including children’s sessions for children (ages 3-5 & 4-10)

-BVI’s Family Worship Series books are provided at a special conference rate for distribution at the event.

-Depending on availability, one or more BVI staff members can help lead main sessions and MC the event. (Host responsible for travel expenses)

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