Family Formats

Our new Family Formats are a great way to incorporate BVI materials into the home! Photo Jan 23, 9 26 33 PM

These 8.5″ x 8.5″ books have the texts and illustrations combined so you can easily read them together during times of family worship. The biographies will challenge your family as you hear true stories of God’s grace to all generations. Stories of different lands will broaden your family’s view of God’s work in the world and will encourage a missional attitude.

The engaging illustrations will help capture and hold the attention of even little ones. Older children can also enjoy reading these books on their own. For teachers, try using the Family Format books as prizes or as a follow up tools.

These books are printed and distributed through the Createspace program (linked to our webstore). They can also be ordered directly through Amazon. (Please note: A greater percentage of your order goes to BVI through Createspace orders versus Amazon)

Take a look at our current listing of available titles!

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