Donation Projects

Studio Project


Total Projected Cost: $6500

BVI is introducing a new training arm of the ministry to help equip the church in evangelizing and disciplining of children. An Audio/visual studio at the headquarters will serve as the communications channel for this training through recorded and live workshops along with relevant interviews.

A Little Rascal—Full-color printing


Total Projected Cost: $3000-$5000

Our ministry partners in Canada used this story this summer as they reach almost 7000 children with the Gospel. Now we need to print the story to supply the rest of our ministry partners domestically and worldwide.

Elinor Young story


Total Projected Cost: $22,000
Give to this Project Received:$3370

Elinor Young was diagnosed with polio as a young girl. Despite her physical limitations she felt the Lord calling her to serve as a missionary in a foreign field. She would eventually go to Irian Jaya, Indonesia. There she lived among the Kimyal tribe and helped translate the New Testament into their language. In a beautiful display of God’s glory, God used her “bad legs” to show the greatness of God’s love for the Kimyal people. Now, we’d like to share that story with children around the world.

True Colors
Total Projected Cost: $3,000,000
Give to this Project Received:$626,146

The True Colors Project was initiated in 2003, with the goal to enhance the effectiveness of BVI’s publications through adding full color and improved teaching resources. This is a major undertaking as there are over 3,000 illustrations in 78 Visualized Bible volumes, 32 stories and 22 hymns. The original line art for each title has been scanned so that it can be updated using the computer (“going digital”). The corresponding teaching material has been typeset and is in various stages of editing: having additional corresponding resources such as review questions, student activities and keyword sheets developed.

Project Status: Old Testament Volumes 4 & 5 on the life of Joseph have recently been colorized and reprinted as part of this project. However, there is still much more work to be done!