ExtraGive 2018

Friday, November 16th is ExtraGive, a one day event hosted in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where Bible Visuals International is located. Any donations made to BVI that day through the ExtraGive website (extragive.org) will be stretched by a donation to BVI by the ExtraGive sponsors. How much they give to BVI is determined by how much is received that day by BVI in comparison to the other non-profits included in the ExtraGive event!

How can you help?

Mark this date on your calendar and write down extragive.org. Or, sign up here for a reminder from us.

Only gifts made through the ExtraGive website on that day will be eligible to be stretched.

Gift amounts start at $25. What can your gift help us do?

$100 can cover the cost of producing one new or updated illustration that will help capture children’s attention and focus it on the gospel! (True Colors Project)

cover the cost of printing one new or updated volume that will supply teachers with gospel-rich materials for ministry! (True Colors Project)
cover the production costs for one all-new mission story that can be used in local, national and international Bible club ministries!
Follow this link on November 16th to make a donation: https://www.extragive.org/organizations/bible-visuals-international